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“See what 50 looks like.” Ben Wu,
Product Manager

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Meet Stuart. He’s thrilled that his creative pricing ideas always get a nod from the billing & finance team.

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“We needed complete integration with salesforce and our back office -- exactly what Zuora delivers.” Alvina Antar, Director, IT

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Meet Maureen. She doesn’t flinch at words like discounts, global taxation and multi-currency billing.

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“Our whole business just works because it's based on Zuora.” Jim Franklin, CEO

SendGrid's Story

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Meet Morton. He's got a secret weapon when it comes to measuring and reporting on the health of his business.

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“Zuora provides the metrics for our business in a way that we couldn’t have done before.” Bill Plummer, Business Enablement Officer

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“Zuora helped us create a very efficient operational flow.” Chuck Best, CFO

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